Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Visit Nutrilite Health Institute Center for Optimal Health

This was a tour which we were waiting for. We got appointment for facility visit on April 30,2011(Saturday) 9.00 am .So we started from home by early morning around 7.00 am. It took approximately 2 hours drive  to reach the Buena Park where the Nutrilite  Health Center is located.

I am really thrilled by seeing the 33,00 square feet building itself. The entire facility is distributed in both the sides of a rail track and have a bridge connecting the two over the rail tracks. I am sure that it is not easy to get permission for such a private bridge over rail tracks. By 9.00 am, there were lot of people ready for the visit. For the tour, they divided us into teams and a guide is assigned to each team.Our team consists of 7 members.The tour started with a video show "Perfect Balance"- a short film which was explaining about the importance of balance in nature and how they are maintaining it in the nutrilite farms across the globe .We came to know that Nutrilite has farms in Brazil,Mexico,California,Washington and there were video footage which was showing the various farming techniques involved there. Once the video show is over, our tour started.

The tour was an overview of manufacturing and researching of Nutrilite products.The main attraction is 24 foot high DNA model which depict all fruits and vegetables in Nutrilite Products.
They also showed the models which teaches about the importance of fruits,vegetables and suppliments in daily life.

There was a session explaining the history of Nutrilite, how it started and progressed in course of time.They took us the  Quality department where the quality of the raw materials and the finished products are tested. Then they took us to various labs like Physical Testing Lab,Microbiology Lab and Vitamins Analysis Lab. Next they give us a brief description about tableting process and showed us the Stability chamber where Nutrilite Products is exposed to extreme heat and moisture for 13 weeks to test the durability.

Finally the guide take us to the Packaging section where Products are labelled and packaged in a orderly manner. Multiple conveyor belts are where each one belt meant  to one particular country.
  Then the products are send to differnt nations including United States and India.

The tour was really enjoying and knowledgable regarding the importance of supplements for a Healthy Life and how reliable the Nutrilite products are.  It also showcased the effort Nutrilite is putting for maintaining the quality of  their products.