Monday, September 14, 2009

Bahai Temple,Chicago

On last Sunday,We immediately planned to go to Bahai House of Worship.Actually we don't know much about the Bahai faith.When we reach there ,i got astonished by its great architecture from outside.
I thought there will be idols for worshipping ,but inside it was just a prayer hall with out any idols or lamps. It looked like a meditation hall. It was so large and tall. If you look up, you can see the center of the dome. There were lot of good inspiration quotes written on the walls. I checked again.. Ya, I am right. There was no idols.
Then i got keen interest to know about Bahai Faith. I enquired more about it from the visiting center.
      Bahai Faith-:"A religion of Unity".The faith founder was Baha ullah(persian).Baha ullah claimed to be an independent messenger from god.His life,work,and influence parallel to that of Abraham, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Christ and Muhammad.
We can see symbols of many religions on the pillar of Bahai House of Worship. See the picture below.
It was surprising that i came to know that there is a Bahai house of worship in India too.
There are seven Bahai temples in world, in which each temple has its own distinctive design,they all conform to a consistent theme : an area of gardens encircles a nine sided structure covered by a single dome.(symbolizing the unity of all people and religions under God)
Anyway it was a nice trip.. I got an opportunity to view a marvelous architecture and learn about a new religion.


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